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Saves lives     |     Saves money


Medopad provides mobile data without the restriction of being tied into any particular hardware or software supplier. The direct and indirect benefits of enabling healthcare professionals and management to have real-time access to patient and hospital data are manifold.

Clinical benefits.

Real-time access at point of care to clinical data and productivity information

Easier communication between individuals and teams regardless of location

Facilitation of electronic data input as part of the process of care

Operational benefits.

More productive and efficient healthcare professionals

Better and safer hospital experience for patients with improved satisfaction and less litigation

Easier acquisition of data for operational management and decision making

Cost benefits.

Decreased lengths of inpatient stay

Reduced emergency readmission rates

Reduced number of repeat diagnostic tests and follow up appointments


The Medopad mobile health operating system (mHOS™) goes far beyond being a patient data access platform. From auto generated patient lists and real time patient data access capabilities, to easy integration of 3rd party applications and Apple's HealthKit, Medopad delivers proven value. Since Medopad provides software, security, data connectivity and more, everything works together seamlessly and intelligently.

Everything happens automatically.

The Medopad patent pending and proprietary mobile health operating system mHOS gathers existing patient data from hospital servers and sends them to the doctors fingertips.

Ready for large-scale deployment.

Medopad Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology integration enables hospitals to effortlessly manage large-scale deployment of mobile devices such as the iPad. These capabilities give hospital IT departments the ability to securely deploy devices throughout the hospital environment, wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor compliance with healthcare policies and remotely wipe or lock managed Medopad devices.

Seamlessly integrates     |     Beautiful interface

Secure by design.

The mHOS operating system at the core of Medopad is built upon proven layers of security. This enables Medopad to securely access hospital servers and protect patient data. Medopad provides strong encryption for patient data in transmission as well as hardware encryption for all data at rest. Within Medopad patient safety and data security are inextricably linked. To make a product as secure as this we have leveraged security technology from the financial industries resulting in a mobile health solution unlike any. Today Medopad powers the first and most secure regulatory approved enterprise mobile health solution globally.


We believe that in the old world doctors had to go and find patient data. But in the new world patient data should go to the doctor. Medopad securely delivers clinical information straight into the palm of a doctor’s hand. As a doctor, it is the one place where you will see all the information you need to do your work better.

Doctors love it     |     Just works

Elegant and intuitive interface.

Access patient information like never before. With Medopad, a frontline healthcare professional can view patients’ medical records, lab results or images, through a mobile handheld device.

It’s all in the Medopad ecosystem.

For the first time, healthcare professionals will have seamless access to a wide range of 3rd party clinical applications. Clinical applications for Medopad aren’t like anything else. That’s because 3rd party apps for Medopad are set up specifically to take advantage of clinical big data access. We have created something wonderful for healthcare innovators. One of the things we really want is to empower hundreds of companies to provide the next generation of healthcare applications to hospitals around the world. Medopad is the ecosystem that pulls mobile health solutions together.

Brilliant collaborative tool.

With Medopad healthcare professionals can collaborate with each other and communicate better with patients. You’ll have all the information you need to share in the palm of your hand.


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